Hot bands, cool kit, monstrously simple. Music-makers show and tell how they get their sound – the gear they use and what they do with it. Interviews, tips and how-to’s, plus the latest from kit-makers.

The Pearl Harts Band

Rock duo with killer riffs

Waylayers Band

Passionate pop - and DIY sounds

Buriers Band

Cutting edge dark folk

iZotope Ozone Kit

Mastering software suite with eight tools

The Penelopes Band

Making shimmery sunshiney dance sounds with rare kit

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Kit

Short scale with great tone

Steve Lawson Band

Bass guru talks new album project

Raimundo Guitars 660E Pro-Blend Kit

Cutaway electro acoustic

Whales in Cubicles Band

Fierce and exciting debut album - a future classic

Sebastian Melmoth Band

‘Existential Mysanthropop’

Artist Development Blog

Tips from radio presenters and managers - Generator at Roundhouse Rising

New music gear preview - NAMM Blog

Preview highlights from percussion to iRings

Make a band pre-nup - Felix X Macintosh Skool

Tips on a band agreement - and why it’s essential!