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ESKA - Mercury nominee Band

In-depth look at making her dazzling album

Artists Guide to SXSW Skool

Band manager Matt Errington’s top advice

Kite Base Band

Spellbinding electronics/bass duo

The Membranes Band

Epic Dark Matter/Dark Energy album

Adventures with a 3-string - Vulpestruments style Blog

Recycled materials and high tech hacking

Gazelle Twin Band

Ground-breaking electronic artist/composer/producer

Seaboard Rise - new instrument and MIDI controller Blog

Groundbreaking sound sculpting and wireless

Deux Furieuses Band

Blistering guitar and drums duo

Shilpa Ray Band

New album from Nick Cave favourite

You The Living Band

Debut album - dark electronic post-punk

Music Tech Fest Scandi - Day 1 Blog

New formats, performance, and stunning music tech

Nova Twins Band

Urban Punk band kicking up a storm