Hot bands, cool kit, monstrously simple. Music-makers show and tell how they get their sound – the gear they use and what they do with it. Interviews, tips and how-to’s, plus the latest from kit-makers.

Music Tech Fest London - Day 1 Blog

Brain hacking, interactive merch, apps and more

Music Tech Fest London - Day 2 Blog

Brainwaves, body drums, opera and more

Deux Furieuses Band

Blistering guitar and drums duo

Johnny Foreigner Band

Blistering indie rockers talk kit and new lineup

Saint Agnes Band

Fuzz-laden rock n roll duo with Morricone streak

Waylayers Band

Passionate pop - and DIY sounds

Vinyl epiphany - Benbo Blog

Cutting lacquers with Mandy Parnell

The Pearl Harts Band

Rock duo with killer riffs

Buriers Band

Cutting edge dark folk

Hagstrom D2F Deluxe Kit

High-end guitar with resonant bass

Steve Lawson Band

Bass guru talks new album project

iZotope Ozone Kit

Mastering software suite with eight tools

Artist Development Blog

Tips from radio presenters and managers - Generator at Roundhouse Rising