Bass Amps

Ampeg SVT-450 Kit

Powerful but affordable 450w bass head

Ashdown 300w Classic Tube Magnifier Kit

A modern take on classic tube heads of the past.

Laney Nexus Tube Bass Valve Amp Head Kit

Bass head with 400 Watts of power

Orange OCB115 Bass Speaker Cabinet Kit

Bass cab with 1 X 15 speaker

Traynor YBA1A Kit

A vintage 90 Watt bass amp, also good for guitar

Ampeg SVT II Pro Kit

Legendary tone and power with some modern improvements.

Fender Bassman Kit

45 Watts of all-tube power originally intended for bassists, now popular with guitarists.

Ampeg B4R Kit

A solid-state 1000 watt beast of a bass head. Loud and proud.

Hartke LH1000 Kit

A powerful blend of tube and solid-state circuitry.

Trace Elliot Series 6 GP12 Kit

Powerful combo with 12-band EQ

Warwick X-Treme 5.1 Bass Amp Kit

Powerful 500w head designed for pro use

Ashdown Mag300H Kit

Bass amp head with new features

Laney Nexus NX810 Bass Speaker Cabinet Kit

With 8 X 10 Celestion Neodymium Speakers

Hartke HA5500c Kit

Power, tube or solid-state preamps, and accurate tonal shaping make this a very flexible bass amp head.

Ashdown MAG-C210T 300 EVO II Combo Kit

A powerful 300 watt bass amp.

Markbass Combo 121 Lite Kit

A powerful yet highly-portable combo amp.

Trace Elliot 715X Combo Kit

A versatile 600W bass combo amp

Ashdown Mag 115 Deep Cabinet Kit

A 250w cab with 15” speaker

Ashdown ABM C210H-500 EVO III Kit

A versatile and powerful combo bass amplifier.

Ampeg SVT II Kit

A great combination of sound, volume and reliability. Gives a big rock bass sound.

Ashdown ABM810 Kit

Tough 8 X 10 bass cabinet

Orange Terror Bass 500 TB500H Kit

Compact Terror tone for bass

Ashdown ABM 500 Kit

Bass head 575w with classic and high tech features