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Kitmonsters is a thought-provoking music and tech site that features brilliant musicians, instruments and innovation, from new DIY bands and gear-makers to rising stars, expert experimentalists, and legendary producers. It’s independent, accessible, and inclusive.

Here is the key team - there’s more info on contributors here.

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Terry Tyldesley

Kitmonsters Founder and Editor.
Terry, aka Kat Five, is a producer, artist, music tech consultant and speaker, with music featured on stations such as BBC Radio 6 Music, Radio X, Radio 4 and in film. You’ll find her testing AI and VR tools with her electro-punk band Feral Five, and performing at events such as Music Tech Fest, the National Portrait Gallery’s Picasso night curated by Martyn Ware, Shuffle Festival, and Cro Cro Land. She produced and curated Music Tech Fest Berlin, and is the former Chair of ethical music streaming co-operative Resonate, a tutor on the Jump European Music Market Accelerator, and a guest lecturer in music tech at the School of Music Business. She won an RTS award and BAFTA nomination for her film-making at the BBC.

Garry Hill

Garry, of Magnetised, built the amazing CMS engine Spontaneous, that powers Kitmonsters, and designed the website. He is an award-winning web developer who won a BAFTA for the interactive music AudioROM ShiftControl, and he founded Strobe Audio an open source multi-room audio system in development. Garry’s also a musician and has spent time in Argentina.

Dan Holliday

Our monster logo and artwork were created by artist, designer and sometime musician Dan Holliday, who has a client list to die for in music and fashion. He has years of graphics and performing under his belt, and is also an author and lecturer.

What people are saying

“The ever brilliant Kitmonsters.com - one of the most impressive, comprehensive and interesting music sites in existence. It’s what is lacking in online music journalism today.” - Matt Errington, London School of Music Business / Artist Manager

“The website is completely dope, from the layout, to the content, to the logo” - Marv-ill

“Cool as f••• interview with Kitmonsters.com…. nice new website, visually wicked and very interactive….” - Sulpher band

“The site and online social media presence is BRILLIANT!” - A&R for leading international brand

“The site looks great, nice to see some relevant artist features!” - Top music equipment distributor

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