Dubler Studio kit - new features for voice to MIDI controller

New features for the groundbreaking Dubler Studio Kit live voice to MIDI controller from Vochlea, as Dubler 1.2 launches.

Dubler Studio Kit 1.2

Last year we featured an exciting Kickstarter campaign for the Dubler live voice to MIDI controller. Makers Vochlea won the Web Summit Music Tech Innovation Award for the Dubler, which also got an amazing response from artists like Mercury Prize Nominated MC and Producer Novelist and Producer Prem.

Novelist said, “This is the craziest bit of kit I’ve seen in my life… revolutionary, do you know how fast I could make an album with this?”

Now there are some exciting updates with the Dubler 1.2 that’s just launched. Highly anticipated, they improve drum and percussion triggers for Dubler Studio Kit users.

The original and impressive kit gives you an intuitive way to translate musical ideas into reality, using your voice. You can hum a synth pattern, beatbox to trigger a virtual drumkit, or manipulate effects and filters with a vocal sound, all in real-time.

The Dubler works using vocal recognition AI technology, allowing musicians to create music and control sounds, quickly and intuitively, and is aimed at every kind of musician.

Dubler Studio Kit

The kit comes as two parts. There is the Dubler software, a virtual MIDI instrument for Mac and PC, that’s compatible with any music production software.

Then there is the Dubler microphone, which is a custom low-latency USB mic, tuned for the Dubler software. You can train your voice to the kit in less than 60 seconds, and start making music.

With the latest version Vochlea Music have improved the trigger analysis system so that Dubler 1.2 now detects sounds such as high-hats, just as well as it detects kick-drums.

Further improvements on the triggers system include;

• The speed of detection has been improved, allowing people to register their triggers up to 3x faster than before.
• The latency of triggers has been improved by about 10%. • The triggers velocity control has been improved — allowing for finer control of levels using the voice.
• New look and feel — including animations that give you visual feedback.

Here’s a Dubler performance from the amazing electronic artist Portrait XO, who’s a Kitmonsters contributor.

  • The Dubler Studio Kit has sold out for the third time since release, and backorders are currently being taken from vochlea.co.uk for guaranteed July 2020 delivery.