WIN ModeAudio Sound Packs

Sound Designers ModeAudio have launched a competition with Kitmonsters to win some of their great Sound Packs! They’ve had amazing reviews for creating some of the best samples, loops, patches and presets in the business, praised for their quality and style. They’re designed to integrate with your favourite software and include MIDI data and project files.

ModeAudio Sound Packs Competition

ModeAudio is a dedicated team of sound designers from the UK who share a bursting enthusiasm for making the very best music loops, samples and synth presets for your music available!

As music producers themselves, they know that only instantly-useable, versatile, inspiring and full-flavour sounds will do - there’s simply no time for anything else.

They’re passionate about every step of the process in creating their custom, royalty-free sound packs, which are all designed with one common goal in mind - to inspire and enhance the sheer explosive fun of making music!

Up for grabs is the opportunity to select your own prizes from across their entire catalogue of sound packs, from thumping, analog drum machine samples to soaring guitar riffs, stunning synth presets, otherworldly Ambient SFX textures and far beyond.

Here are a few audio examples to whet the appetite:


We have six sound packs to give away in this competition and you can choose which ones you would like.

Prizes: 1st place - 3 packs of the winner’s choosing; 2nd place - 2 packs of the winner’s choosing; 3rd place - 1 pack of the winner’s choosing. *Bundle Packs are not included in the competition.