Ampeg are best known for their bass amps, which have powered the sounds of the Rolling Stones, the Foo Fighters, Muse and the Manic Street Preachers among many others. They produced innovative guitars and bass guitars throughout the 60s, as well as coming up with Super Valve Technology: many vintage SVT amps are still in use today, though the company’s inventiveness continues to produce new ranges for contemporary sounds. Now owned by Loud Technologies, Ampeg offer a wide range of heads, cabs, combos and covers.

Ampeg SVT-450 Kit

Powerful but affordable 450w bass head

Ampeg Gemini 22 Kit

A loud guitar amp from the early 70’s. Famed for ageing well. Good with pedal chains.

Ampeg B4R Kit

A solid-state 1000 watt beast of a bass head. Loud and proud.

Ampeg SVT II Pro Kit

Legendary tone and power with some modern improvements.

Ampeg SVT II Kit

A great combination of sound, volume and reliability. Gives a big rock bass sound.

Ampeg GVT Kit

A modern take on a classic family of tube amps.

Ampeg Reverberocket Kit

A recreation of the world’s first guitar amp with reverb.

Ampeg SVT Classic Kit

Powerful all-tube bass amp delivering a thunderous 300 watts