Coloursound started in 1965 and became famous for the Tonebender pedal which Jimmy Page used on the first Led Zeppelin album. The Sola Sound company which makes Coloursound was founded by the Macari family who are said to have invented fuzz. In 1968 Jeff Beck cranked up their Powerboost pedal to give a huge overdriven sound and it became the Overdriver pedal, billed as the loudest pedal in the world and so ‘window-shattering’ that new versions have a knob so you can turn it down. It was also used by David Gilmour on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. The pedals are still highly sought after and hand-made in the UK, used by artists such as Joe Bonamassa and also Steve Forrest of Planes.

Coloursound Overdriver Kit

Dubbed the loudest pedal