Founded in a basement in Salt Lake City by John Johnson and David DiFrancesco, DigiTech has always been a company with its finger on the pulse of musical and technological innovation. Since their formation they have broken new ground with products such as the first multi-effects processor, the first commercially successful intelligent harmonizer and the now-famous pitch-shifting Whammy Pedal. Their range includes looping pedals, multi-effects, amps and apps.

DigiTech Bad Monkey Kit

Overdrive pedal with multiple tone controls

Digitech Distortion Factory DF-7 Kit

Seven distortion pedals in one.

Digitech JamMan Solo XT Kit

Stereo looping with big memory and USB connectivity

Digitech Vocalist Live 3 Kit

Three-part vocal harmonies. In a box.

Digitech Whammy Pedal Kit

Two octave pitch-shift in either direction, and everything in between