Drum Machines

Korg Electribe MX (EMX-1) Kit

Sequencer and synth with analogue tube circuit

Yamaha RX5 Drum Machine Kit

Versatile and in-depth drum machine from the eighties.

Native Instruments Maschine Kit

Drum machine, sequencer, sampler, multi-effects

Roland TR-808 Kit

Legendary vintage drum machine

Korg Mini Pops 120 Kit

Vintage Mini Drum Machine

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Kit

NEW - Mini synth in three flavours

Roland TR-909 Kit

Vintage drum machine marvel

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder Kit

Portable ‘Notebook Studio’ digital recorder

Roland TR-707 Kit

Old school drum machine and sequencer

Roland TR-505 Kit

Vintage pared-down drum machine

Vuvuvultures Drum Machine Kit

Low tech high impact

Fingerlab DM1 Kit

Drum machine app

Alesis SR-16 Kit

Classic drum machine