Epiphone is one of America’s oldest musical brands and is now part of Gibson. Epiphone instruments have been popular with players of every genre of music since 1873 when the company started off by making archtop guitars, upright basses and banjos. Epiphone still has its own line of archtop guitars and also amps, as well as producing more affordable versions of Gibson classics. Epiphone players include Paul McCartney who plays a vintage Casino, Keith Richards, Nancy Wilson, Noel Gallagher who has a signature Supernova model, Paul Weller, Matthew Followill of Kings of Leon and Tom Hudson from Pulled Apart By Horses.

Epiphone Dot Kit

Epiphone version of classic semi-hollowbody ES-335

Epiphone Firebird Studio Kit

New version of rock rarity

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Kit

A legendary design at a price that won’t break the bank

Epiphone Rivoli Bass Kit

Stylish vintage bass guitar