Rotosound have been making strings for more than 50 years, and with huge names under their belts such as Hendrix and Entwistle, they continue to release new strings and guitar products. The family-run British company pioneered string winding machines and rock stars would visit the factory and put their requests in to founder James How. Jimi Hendrix asked for special strings that “tasted” right and made great sounds when he bit them. Artists such as Billy Sheehan have signature sets.

Rotosound Billy Sheehan Signature Swing Bass Strings Kit

Bass guitar strings with deep, resonant tone and great sustain. Custom gauges.

Rotosound Super Bronze Kit

Acoustic guitar strings with long sustain and brightness.

Rotosound Jumbo King Kit

Acoustic guitar strings with warmth, clarity and sustain.

Rotosound British Steels Kit

Electric guitar strings with a bright, punchy sound.