My Sound - The Hysterical Injury’s Annie on TC-Helicon

Vocals and TC-Helicon


My Sound

Annie Gardiner from The Hysterical Injury loves her new TC-Helicon Voicelive Touch. Here she is putting it through its paces on her song Three.

With harmonizers the difficult thing about getting a harmonizer to work on someone’s voice is tracking the melody, and a lot of the cheaper models which are on the market, when you start really pushing the boundaries of your voice, like I was saying ‘I wanna be a boy’ so I just go octave and bass, they just completely fall over and you start hearing this diddly diddly do – unless you want that sort of breakage which can be great in other ways, this just doesn’t do that at all and the tracking is flawless, especially when you really push it to the boundaries.

The icing on the cake with this piece of equipment is the simplicity of it, it just goes straight onto your mic stand, you haven’t got a plate that you’ve got to hang someong onto, it hasn’t got anything you can lose, no extra screws or anything, so it’s unbelievably practical.