Tokai UALC53 Kit

A set-neck rock guitar in a classic style

Gordon-Smith Guitars SG 1 Kit

Slim bodied classic style guitar with one humbucker

Danelectro guitar Kit

Distinctive-looking guitars with unique tone

Gibson Melody Maker Kit

Slim single coil guitar

Squier Telecaster Kit

Lower priced & exclusive versions of classic Fender

IK Multimedia iRig2 Kit

NEW - Guitar interface with 1/4” and 1/8” outputs

Yamaha APX-4A Kit

Performance-level acoustic-electric

Roland G-707 Kit

A really unusual cross between a guitar and a MIDI controller.

Danelectro ‘59 Dano Guitar Kit

Bright and light classic re-issue

Vintage Advance AV2 Kit

An up-to-date take on a design classic

Fender American Deluxe Strat Plus Kit

Radical reinvention with mod cards

Fender Mustang Kit

Compact guitar loved in surf and alternative music

Faith Guitars - Eclipse Venus Concert Kit

Sleek electro-acoustic guitar, well suited for live performances.

Godin Flat Five X Kit

Hollow body with humbuckers and acoustic voice

Godin Multiac Nylon SA Kit

Acoustic electric with synth access

Tanglewood Sundance TW47 Kit

Professional compact electro-acoustic

Agile Partners GuitarToolkit Kit

The guitarist’s Swiss Army knife

Fender Stratocaster Kit

A design classic. Possibly the most famous electric guitar in the world.

Danelectro Doubleneck Kit

Vintage six and twelve-string in one

Aria Guitars Diamond Kit

Vintage guitar originally with P-90s

Freshman Guitars FA 500D Kit

High end dreadnought acoustic

Aria Guitars Lux Series Kit

Ash bodies and maple necks

Gibson ES-335 Kit

Legendary arched-top semi-acoustic electric

Fender Jag-Stang Kit

Kurt Cobain designed hybrid guitar

Fret-King Blue Label Perception 4 Bass Kit

Powerful expressive bass that’s easy to handle

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Kit

A legendary design at a price that won’t break the bank

Fender Jaguar Special Edition HH Kit

Humbucking pickups and chrome controls

Gibson Les Paul Standard Double Cutaway Kit

A 24 fret version of a classic guitar, with a double cutaway for extra access.

Epiphone Firebird Studio Kit

New version of rock rarity

Raimundo Guitars 660E Pro-Blend Kit

Cutaway electro acoustic

Martin Guitars D-15 Kit

Mahogany acoustic with bright treble tone

Fret-King Blue Label Eclat Standard Kit

Versatile guitar switchable between humbucker and single coil sound

Marshall BB-2 Bluesbreaker II Pedal Kit

A sensitive pedal that responds to your playing style.

Burns Dream Noiseless Kit

Flagship model to celebrate 50th anniversary, with noiseless pickups

Squier Stratocaster Kit

Lower priced & innovative versions of a classic Fender

Fender Thinline Telecaster Kit

Lighter weight and versatile

Epiphone Dot Kit

Epiphone version of classic semi-hollowbody ES-335

Gibson Les Paul Kit

Gibson’s most successful guitar ever. A rock classic.

Gretsch Duo Jet Kit

Classic Gretsch guitar

Taylor Guitars T5 Hollowbody Kit

Acoustic and electric features, huge range of sounds

Italia Maranello 61 Kit

A retro-themed, heavy lifting guitar.

Orange Twister Cables Kit

NEW - Tangle free mic and instrument cables

ESP Eclipse II Kit

Powerful rock guitar

Gordon-Smith Guitars GS1.5 Kit

A versatile guitar with one single coil and one humbucking pickup

Gibson SG Special 60s Tribute Kit

A special edition of the popular SG guitar with P-90 pickups

Marshall RG-1 Regenerator Pedal Kit

Stereo Modulation pedal with a range of different effects.

Fender Jaguar Kit

The shorter cousin of the Jazzmaster. Great percussive, twangy sound.

Fender Telecaster Kit

Classic versatile dual-pickup solid body guitar - new Sheryl Crow edition

Vox MK III Teardrop Kit

Reissue of legendary guitar

Hagstrom D2F Deluxe Kit

High-end guitar with resonant bass

Fender Jazzmaster Kit

An unusual and interesting guitar. Loved by 60s surf-rockers and 90s alt-rockers.

Yamaha CPX 500 Guitar Kit

Slightly smaller electro-acoustic guitar.

Vintage Paul Smith Guitar Kit

Designer travel-sized guitar

Fulltone OCD Kit

Drive pedal with precision response