Vintage Kit

Electronic Music Studios VCS 4 Kit

Very rare vintage synth prototype

Korg M-500 Micro-Preset Synth Kit

Late 70s synth with odd sounds

Roland G-707 Kit

A really unusual cross between a guitar and a MIDI controller.

Yamaha CS01, CS01 II Kit

Classic vintage synths, suitable for novices and innovators as well.

Voyetra Eight Kit

Revolutionary 80’s polyphonic synth

Yamaha FL-10 MII Flanger pedal Kit

Vintage analogue flanger pedal

Roland System-100 Kit

Legendary vintage modular synth

Roland Jazz Chorus 160 Amp Kit

Legendary amp loved for clean tone

Roland Juno-106 Kit

Hybrid digital-analogue polyphonic synth from 1984

Yamaha PS-20 Kit

Vintage versatile portable analog synth

Alesis Quadraverb Kit

Vintage multi-effects unit

Casio SA-21 Kit

Vintage synth with lo-fi sounds used by dance bands and the dubstep community.

Trace Elliot Series 6 GP12 Kit

Powerful combo with 12-band EQ

Yamaha SK20 Kit

Rare analog synth noted for its organ sounds

Premier Resonator Kit

Vintage double shelled drums

Pearl Jupiter Snare Kit

Vintage snare with internal dampener

Vox Super Phase Kit

Vintage effects pedal

Korg MS-10 Kit

Vintage synth with great bass

Korg Electribe MX (EMX-1) Kit

Sequencer and synth with analogue tube circuit

Hohner Clavinet D6 Kit

Vintage amplified clavinet

Yamaha PSS-780 Kit

Vintage feature-packed synth

Casio Casiotone 403 Kit

Vintage synth with tones that include ‘frog’

Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand Piano. Kit

Electric Grand piano with real hammers and strings, as well as pickups for an amplified output.

Casio PT-1 Kit

Rare vintage mini keyboard

Roland TR-505 Kit

Vintage pared-down drum machine

Roland Chorus Echo RE 501 Kit

The Roland RE-501 is an audio analog delay effects unit produced by the Roland Corporation.

Zildjian 20” Scimitar Ride Kit

Sheet bronze cymbal from the late 1980s/early 1990s

Laney Linebacker KB120 Kit

Good gigging 120w amp

Zildjian Paper Thin Crash Kit

Vintage thin and fast cymbals

Roland SH -1000 Kit

A total classic - the first instrument that Roland made. Analog synth used by legendary bands.

Crumar Orchestrator Kit

Vintage string synth - mini orchestra

Casio CZ-101 Kit

A versatile and affordable 49 note mini keyboard synth.

Roland Juno-6 Kit

Vintage classic - the first in a series of affordable quality synths

Moog Rogue Kit

The Moog Rogue is a 1980s monophonic analog synthesizer

Casio SK-8 Kit

A 32 key, lo-fi sampling keyboard. Popular for circuit-bending.

Roland TR-808 Kit

Legendary vintage drum machine

Fender Stage 185 Kit

Vintage powerful solid state amp

Moog Opus 3 Kit

Vintage string/brass/organ polyphonic synth

Moog Prodigy Kit

An affordable analog synth, popular for bass.

Crumar Bit 99 Kit

Digital synth with an analog style sound, good for bass.

Aria Guitars Diamond Kit

Vintage guitar originally with P-90s

Danelectro Doubleneck Kit

Vintage six and twelve-string in one

Casio VL-1 Kit

Synth, sequencer and calculator!

Fender JP-90 Bass Kit

Vintage bass with unique tone

Suzuki Omnichord Kit

Vintage electronic instrument - band at the touch of a button

Casio PT-80 Kit

Mini synth with rhythm presets and auto chord

Roland JD-800 Synth Kit

Vintage highly programmable synth

Hagstrom HII B Bass Kit

A vintage bass guitar from the sixties and early seventies.

Korg MiniKorg-700S Kit

Classic and quirky vintage synth

Roland TB-303 Kit

The Roland TB-303 Bass Line is a bass synthesizer with built-in sequencer

Yamaha CS-10 Kit

Vintage analog synth big in dance music

Ampeg Gemini 22 Kit

A loud guitar amp from the early 70’s. Famed for ageing well. Good with pedal chains.

Traynor YBA1A Kit

A vintage 90 Watt bass amp, also good for guitar

Roland TR-909 Kit

Vintage drum machine marvel

Fender Rhodes Stage 73 Kit

Vintage electro-mechanical piano

Roland Juno-60 Kit

One of the first Junos - still popular today

Yamaha PSS-80 Kit

Vintage synth with thin retro sound

Pearl DX Professional Kit

Vintage session kit

Fender Twin Reverb Silverface Kit

All tube vintage 100w amp

Epiphone Rivoli Bass Kit

Stylish vintage bass guitar

Roland AX-1 Kit

A keyboard MIDI controller that can be worn like a guitar.

Roland G-77 Bass Guitar Controller Kit

Unusual vintage Bass Synth Controller

Korg MS-20 Kit

Vintage portable analog monosynth - a real gem

Korg VC-10 Vocoder Kit

Vintage 20-band vocoder

Casio Casiotone 101 Kit

Vintage synth with unusual presets

Yamaha DX21 Kit

FM synthesizer, incredibly popular during the 1980s.

Roland TR-707 Kit

Old school drum machine and sequencer

Casiotone MT-100 Kit

Mid 1980s keyboard with instrument patches and percussion

Nord Lead 2 Kit

Updated Nord synth

Zildjian 22” flat top ride Kit

Vintage cymbal with strong attack

Korg Mini Pops 120 Kit

Vintage Mini Drum Machine