The TxLips

The TxLips pump out thrilling rock n roll and a unique sound that they describe as “ like the lovechild of Nirvana and Living Color with a bit of side from Beyonce”. They’re AfroPunk stars, and are headlining Loud Women Fest in London and promising a “whirlwind of black girl magic”. We caught up with them ahead of this major show to talk about their sound, their music gear and more.

Atlanta, GA

The TxLIPS - Queens of The New Age EP

How did you get together as a band?

Gabby: The band started with me, Guitar Gabby, I was playing behind Diamond ATL and knew she needed a band. I called one of the drummers, Mo Drumma, and she did the first two or three music videos with me for Diamond. Shortly after that I saw the opportunity to simultaneously have the band playing for Diamond while being the TxLips. So I started the band and we have been moving since then. The cool thing about is we are a collective, so there are about 11 black women in the band internationally (there are 4 core members and I rotate musicians out based on the gig and location.) Each are also individual artists so it’s cool to see the vibes of a group of dope women through live shows.

How would you describe your sound?

Gabby: A mixture of grunge rock meets the new age of music. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana were a huge influence on my music.

What themes are you exploring on the Queens of The New Age EP?

Gabby: The theme of getting humans to be vulnerable and experience their emotions. Even if you are in the midst of a high energy rock song like Another Tear or a slow vibe like Die Today, you can feel the energy of the situations these songs were written from and it causes the listener to have a greater connection to the music.

How did you write and record it?

Gabby: I wrote everything some years before I even started the band. I taught the band the music when I started it and took everyone into the studio to record them. We had a few different ways of recording from a mobile studio to working at American Sushi and working with my engineers home recording studio.

You’re on a mission to challenge boundaries set for women in the industry and also to inspire people. How are you doing that and what kind of response are you getting?

Gabby: We have been getting a really good response! To be in London playing a festival in less than 4 years of operation is huge and much of that is thanks to our fans and TxLip Nation that support us. We invite all new TxLips fans to join our FB group called “TxLip Nation”.

Dara: We are doing this by being ourselves. To be a woman musician and be your best self is a challenge and I think we’re setting an example to the next generation of women musicians. We have received amazing responses from women and men alike.

What’s the rock scene like in Atlanta?

Gabby: It’s different. Atlanta never really had a heavy rock scene. It’s a hip-hop city so it was hard at first and still is hard to break through as a rock band in a city that doesn’t really have a lot of that, especially coming from black women. There is an underground scene that’s always been around and that has been coming out more and more over the years.

Lola: The Rock scene is very small. Especially with us being black women in rock, we usually take over the rap and hip hop scene and blow people away so much that they ask us to come back even if the line up is all rappers/singers of the hip hop/R&B genre.

Dara: There is no one in Atlanta doing what we do, and that’s why we’re so necessary.

What is your go to music gear?

Gabby: My go to music gear is from my endorsement companies Ernie Ball, EMG Pickups, LTD Guitars etc. I am thankful to all of my reps for giving me the gear I need to rock out! I am am a huge fan of Orange amps for live shows.

Dara: I like to use my Yamaha P-125 or my Roland Phantom X8.

How important is playing live to you and what have been your favourite live shows?

Gabby: Playing live is very important to me because it is an opportunity for the crowd to feel our energy and black girl magic and hopefully leave being inspired to pick up something they are passionate about and to run with it. I have many fav shows that we have done. It would have to be opening for the Indigo Girls on tour, headlining the Seattle Pride Fest, and playing AfroPunk Festival for the last 3 years straight. Now, the Loud Women Fest will be added to our list of faves.

Dara: Playing live is very important because it is in that space that we can share the energy of our music with the listeners. Live performance allows us to interact with and get feedback from people on the spot.

Lola: Playing live is very important! It’s where you get all the energy you need. I feel what makes me an artist is the live performance! My favorite show we play was Seattle Pride Fest!

Who inspires you?

Gabby: I am inspired by our fans, by my life experiences and by my passion for music. I have also been influence by the greats such as Kurt Cobain/Nirvana, Living Color, Beyoncé, Sister Rosetta Thorpe and Orianthi to name a few.

Dara: I’m inspired by the women who have paved their own lanes in this industry without conforming to what was expected of them. The ones who create with purpose.

Lola: Many artists - a list too long to name :)

What are you looking forward to about playing Loud Women Fest?

Gabby: I am looking forward to the experience and energy we will get and leave on the stage tomorrow night. I am looking forward to building new friendships with the music scene over here.

Dara: I’m so excited to be here in London for the first time. I’m excited about the Loud Woman Fest because it is perfectly aligned with what we stand for as a band, and it will be a terrific introduction of The Txlips Band to the people of London!

Lola: The energy!! It’s our first time in London and I want to see how they vibe and rock with us!

What’s next for The TxLips?

Gabby: We are in the studio working on the album recording right now then we will be off for our International tour next! London, we WILL be back.