Jordan Reyne

Hailed by Radio New Zealand as the author of a new sound, Jordan Reyne’s music is a genre bending soundscape of factory drones, acoustic loops, celtic vocals, machine noise, and lyrics that read like a modern version of Grimm’s fairytales.

According to The Mix (UK) “It is hard to categorise music this original - PJ Harvey springs to mind, but the style is 100% Jordan’s… Her vocals are astounding”.

Along with 3 nominations for a New Zealand Music award, Jordan has lent her voice to tracks on Cafe Del Mar and a funeral scene on Lord of the Rings.

Jordan has featured as guest vocalist with The Strawpeople, Breaks Co-op, and the Eden House (she is now a permanent member), and has toured the UK, Poland, Germany and New Zealand. Her performances have included appearances at Glastonbury (UK), Wave Gothic Treffen (Germany), The New Zealand International Festival of the Arts (NZ), The Big Day Out (NZ / Aus), Frankfurt Musik Messe (Germany), Soundedit (Poland) and supports for bands as diverse as Fields of the Nephilim, White Zombie and the Eden House.

Jordan Reyne “may just be making the most important sound of this year. …simply stunning. A thoroughly unique work of art from start to finish… Whether by hook or crook, you MUST own this album. RATING - 5 / 5” BBC Channel 4 (UK)


3 New Zealand Music Award Nominations
4 New Zealand Arts Council commissions and scholarships
APRA Silver Scroll commendation.
“Album of the Year” G.U.N.Z Magazine (for The Ironman) No 1 position Student Radio charts in New Zealand (for Passenger and Birds of Prey)
No 1 on USA Student Radio networks across the country (for Children of a Factory Nation).
No 1 on Bandcamp (The Annihilation Sequence)


  • Wave Gothic Treffen (Germany)
  • DV8 Festival (UK)
  • Big Day Out x 2 (New Zealand / Australia)
  • New Zealand National Annual Gothic Ball (NZ)
  • Frankfurt Musik Messe (Germany)
  • New Zealand International Festival of the Arts (New Zealand)
  • Brighton Fringe Festival (UK)
  • Female Voices Festival (Germany)
  • Electrofringe Festival (New Zealand)
  • Mountain Rock Festival (New Zealand)
  • APRA Silver Scroll Awards (New Zealand)

  • Nationwide tours in: New Zealand, Germany, UK, Poland.


“Lord of the Rings” (Peter Jackson, NZ) Breaks Co-op (Zane Lowe, UK)
The Eden House (UK)
Shortland Street (NZ)
Cafe Del Mar (Spain)
The Strawpeople (NZ)


DigiTech Harman
Yamaha Guitars

Playing Poland - Jordan Reyne

Playing foreign territories is always exciting. Polish audiences are receptive, open, and willing to book music that does not fit in boxes. When you stand on stage in Poland, everyone stops what they’re doing. When you stop what you’re doing, and your set is over, they usually ask you to continue!