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How to be part of Kitmonsters

Welcome to Kitmonsters!

We’re a London-based independent music and tech site that is heavily curated and currently run on a voluntary basis.

We forage carefully for artists and innovators, usually feature them in a lot of depth, and keep supporting them. We also like surprises and to hear about innovation.

Our ethos is to be inclusive and accessible - we set out to be an alternative to the non diverse music and tech sites out there.

We welcome new contributors, and if you have an artist, event, or project that you’d like to write about, then get in touch. You’ll see on the site that we have people writing about their own technical explorations and builds - ‘see inside’ is always exciting! We’re happy to support brand-new writers too.

If you’re an artist, please be aware that we can’t respond to every email and submission, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be on our radar.

If you’re a PR please only send us info that fits with our mission.

If you’re a marketing company please note we don’t accept sponsored guest posts on unrelated topics, but if you have a specific and appropriate article we can consider it with a sponsored post label. We do not accept paid link placements.

You can submit by email via the addresses below. We don’t feature anything that arrives via WhatsApp - writers need time off too!

Our site really values photography and artwork, and we run a lot of images. Our layout favours landscape photos so bear that in mind if you are after a good spread.

We love being part of the great music and tech community worldwide, and supporting it.


The Kitmonsters Team

Submission emails:

General / new contributors / advertising inquiries: [email protected]

Band / artist submissions: [email protected]

Maker / music gear submissions: [email protected]