This Japanese company produces a huge range of drumkits - beginners’ kits, concert kits and electronic kits for those who need to practice without disturbing the neighbours. Pearl are renowned for their snares, especially signature snares from people like Joey Jordison, Chad Smith and Dennis Chambers. Pearl also pioneered the Uni-Lock, enabling drummers to arrange their toms and cymbals at the perfect angle for their sound. Tommy Lee has a roller coaster Pearl drum kit

Pearl Eliminator P2000C Kick Pedal Kit

Pedal that can be tuned to your needs

Pearl Brass Piccolo Snare Kit

Crisp brilliant attack

Pearl Jupiter Snare Kit

Vintage snare with internal dampener

Pearl Masters Premium Kit

High-end special order drum series with superior tone.

Pearl VBA Artisan II Kit

Limited edition Pearl Birch with special finishes

Pearl EXR Kit

Super-styled version of classic Pearl Export kit

Pearl DX Professional Kit

Vintage session kit

Pearl Demon Chain Bass Drum Pedal Kit

A new standard for smoothness, versatility and dependability.

Elite Concert Woodblock Kit

Vibrant, clear tone with a responsive attack.

Pearl SSC Session Studio Classic Kit

Blended Birch and Kapur. Session sound of strong attack and projection. High gloss lacquer finish.