Trace Elliott started out as an innovative British company that made bass amps and later acoustic amps too. It pioneered MOSFET transistors to drive large cabinets, including 15” drivers. Trace also made the first 4 x 10” cabinet for bass - a design that is now widely used by bass amp manufacturers. The UK firm changed hands several times and production ceased in the UK. It is now owned by Peavey Electronics, and UK originated designs are built in the USA. Trace Elliott artists include Norman Watt Roy of The Blockheads, Nancy Wilson, Mark Cuppello of The Courteeners, Chris Purcell of Hadouken!, Ginny Luke, Peter Agnew of Nazareth, Dominic Aitchison of Mogwai, and Doug Wimbish.

Trace Elliot 715X Combo Kit

A versatile 600W bass combo amp

Trace Elliot Series 6 GP12 Kit

Powerful combo with 12-band EQ