Based in Germany, Warwick has been making bass guitars for nearly thirty years. Founded by Hans-Peter Wilfer, they initially specialized in a small number of very high-quality instruments using rare and exotic woods. They now manufacture a wide range of different models, with many different configurations available with pickups, woods and electronics, as well as various amplifiers, speaker cabinets and strings. Their designs are unusual, and are known for the ‘neck-through’ construction, where instead of a neck being bolted on, the whole neck and central portion of the guitar are made from one piece with the ‘wings’ being added later. This improves sustain and allows better access to the higher notes due to the absence of a heel or any bolting screws. Warwick have also revived the Framus brand of guitars and also high-end tube amps as used by Killing Joke’s Geordie Walker.

Warwick Corvette $$ 4-String Bass Kit

Versatile with two humbucker pickups

Warwick Divinity Roxx Signature Bass Kit

Based on the Streamer LX with extra features

Warwick X-Treme 5.1 Bass Amp Kit

Powerful 500w head designed for pro use